Beauty Test Drive: HydroPeptide Soothing Serum Vs. Egg Whites For Sun-Soaked Skin

Have you ever noticed that when you overdo it in the sun, your skin becomes crazy sensitive? Some of your regular lotions feel like rubbing alcohol or make you feel like you’ve been standing over a deep fryer? My mom swears by egg whites. She will chase you down with raw egg and insist on slathering it all over your face, claiming it will prevent wrinkles. It feels soothing at first, but then it dries into a tight Botox-y mask. Gag. I was sent HydroPeptide soothing serum and I have to admit, it is a delightful, if pricey alternative to putting stinky eggs on your face.

Price: $130, HydroPeptides Soothing Serum

Application: After washing your face with a gentle cleanser, apply one to two squirts of soothing serum to the face and neck. (I also applied another squirt to my sun soaked chest.)

Results: Feels awesome. I have been spending a lot of time in the sun with my usual SPF 30, but after a long day I tend to have a red nose, cheeks, and forehead. Most of this is the result of intense heat. Every so often, it is a sign that I should have reapplied my sunblock sooner. This serum is a light gel-like substance that blends evenly onto skin without irritating it. Unlike lotion that can trap in heat, this serum cooled down my face. Within two days of using this, my skin looked more even and had no signs of peeling! Unlike the egg whites, I love the way it feels once it dries.  Unfortunately, it is way more expensive than my average beauty buy.

Beauty Test Drive: Soothing Serum VS Egg Whites Chart

Rating: 3/5