14 Reasons Maxi Dresses Are The Best

You might say that the maxi dress is just a glorified muu muu. And to that we say: okay, you are right. But what of it? Keeping up with fashion puts so many demands on women. Can’t we just have this one thing that’s easy, and most importantly, comfortable? The Frisky staff are all such fans of the maxi dress (and its slightly more formal cousin, the “hi-lo” maxi dress) that we thought we’d get a list together with 14 reasons why:

  1. Concealment of food babies
  2. Can double as maternity wear, not that anyone should make assumptions
  3. Best outfit for granny panties
  4. Best outfit for going commando
  5. Keeps mosquitoes at bay
  6. Hides mosquito bites from when you foolishly went out while not wearing a maxi dress
  7. No need to shave your legs
  8. They double as a blanket for your lame friends at a picnic if everyone else goes skinny dipping
  9. When a gust of wind/subway grate blows everyone else’s dress up, yours stays put
  10. Hiding a thigh-flask
  11. Hiding a thigh-holster, should concealed carry be legalized in your state
  12. Works like a giant napkin in a pinch (we are slobs)
  13. Save $$$ on all the sunscreen you aren’t wearing on your legs
  14. Easy to pee in

Anything we forgot? Dare you disagree with us that maxi dresses are the shit? Tell us in the comments!