Dude, Where’s My Dick? One Man’s Routine Circumcision Goes Very Wrong

You know how sometimes you go to the hairdresser asking for just a trim, but you worry that they’ll get chop-happy and cut off more than you asked for? Well, imagine that happening to your penis.

A man named Johnny Lee Banks Jr. recently went to the hospital for a routine circumcision (in as much as getting circumcised as an adult is routine), and woke up from surgery to find that they had amputated his penis. We’re talking gone with the wind, people. Rightfully so, Johnny and his wife, Zelda, are now suing the Princeton Baptist Medical Center in Alabama for the botched job and for their personal suffering from the incident.

I’ve heard of doctors drilling into incorrect limbs, accidentally swapping patient medications and things of that sort, but now Johnny’s little Johnny is gone forever, and that is not okay. My hope is that Johnny and his wife find justice, and that doctors can reattach his junk and have it in working order ASAP. It’s possible … just ask Andre Johnson. [Cosmopolitan]

Sadly, this is not the first time a man has seen his penis go missing. Click through for more penis accidents…