Style Stealer: Kate Hudson Makes A Convincing Argument For Culottes

Up until this very moment, culottes made me frown. Oh okay, sure, fashion industry, just try to convince me that below-the-knee, super wide-leg short pants are a good look. YOU’RE WASTING YOUR BREATH. And they were, but lucky for them, Kate Hudson swooped in wearing a pair that I initially mistook for a midi skirt and loved so when I discovered that there are indeed to separate leg holes, I was like, “GAME, SET, MATCH, CULOTTES. YOU WIN.” In order to pull these off, you really have to do what Kate is doing, pair them with with a fitted top and, most important, sky high heels, otherwise you’ll look stumpy as hell.

Tank: $39.97, Lanston, Piperlime
Bra: $35, Cheap Monday, Nordstrom
Culottes: $98, Need Supply
Rosary Necklace: $45, Lucky Brand, Amazon
Gold Chain Necklace: $6.80, Forever 21
Collar Necklace: $59.20, Ralph Lauren, Bloomingdale’s
Peep-Toe Pumps: $99.95, Steve Madden, Nordstrom
Aviators: $29.90, Express