#OnlineDatingFail: I Don’t Know Where Your Mouth Has Been

The online dating scene is rough. Sure, it’s a great way to meet people, but we use the term “people” loosely, as some of the individuals we’ve come in contact with still seem to be in their primitive forms. Obviously, first impressions count … but not to these idiots.

Sender: 22, Male
Receiver: 22, Female
Site: Tinder
Tip: Would you ever meet a woman in real life and be like, “Hey I’m Ethan and I want you to sit on my face”? No. If you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it on Tinder (or anywhere else for that matter). Sure, things may go through your head, but use that filter in between your brain and your mouth. How would you like it if I met you for the first time and said, “Hey, nice to meet you. Is your dick longer or shorter than five inches?” If you say that would be fine and that you’d immediately respond with “It’s 8 inches,” you’re a douche and no one will want to date you. Just my two cents…

Did someone send you a creeptastic or WTF message on a dating site? Take a screenshot of the message/your interaction and send it to us at[email protected]. Include the info in the post above. (Don’t worry … if we choose to use it, it’ll be anonymous and we’ll make sure to guard all identifying information!)