The UK To Prosecute Parents Who Allow Female Genital Mutilation

  • Yesterday, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that parents in the UK can now be prosecuted if they have their daughters’ genitals cut.  Previously, it was only illegal in the UK to do the cutting yourself or to take a girl out of the country for female genital mutilation. [Guardian UKNew York Times]
  • Judge G. Todd Baugh, the Montana judge who said a 14-year-old rape victim “acted older than her age” and was as responsible as the older man who assaulted her, has been publicly reprimanded by his peers. Baugh only sentenced her rapist, a 47-year-old teacher at her school, to 31 days in jail. The victim later committed suicide. [Los Angeles Times]
  • India is struggling with a surfeit of men due to a prevailing cultural preference for sons, which has led parents to abort fetuses once they learn the gender is female. [Reuters]
  • On the death of Renisha McBride and who gets to be a perceived threat. [VICE]
  • After much back-and-forth, the president of Nigeria has agreed to meet with the parents of some of the young women who were kidnapped from their boarding school by a radical Islamist group called Boko Haram. It’s feared that the girls have been forced into sexual slavery. [AP]
  • Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, has been added to the list of colleges under investigation by the Department of Education’s Office Of Civil Rights for potential Title IX violations regarding a female student who was sexual assaulted. [Huffington Post]
  • On the underage girls in Ethiopia who endure the “maid trade” to Saudi Arabia in order to provide for their families. [Guardian UK]
  • India is being pushed to address a law which basically allowed members of the armed forces to get away with rape. [New York Times]
  • Today marks the 30th anniversary of Vanessa Williams’ resignation as Miss America following the appearance of nude photos. Has much changed in how we view these “scandals” between then and today?  [The Daily Beast]
  • This is absolutely the best piece The Onion has done on restrictive abortion laws! [The Onion]

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