How Would You Like To Have A Drone As Your Wedding Photographer?

A photography studio in Iowa is now offering a drone photography option for their wedding shoots. Apparently, they can capture birds-eye shots in a way that no other camera (or photographer standing on a ladder) ever could. Inspired by the use of drones for real estate photography, studio owner Dale Stierman offers these futuristic wedding shoots anywhere in the country for about $400.

Stierman told the Huffington Post that a drone couldn’t be used to shoot a whole wedding, and a couple could only get about 30 minutes’ worth of photography from it. Shots need to be set up far ahead of time, and a whole team of pros is needed to get the job done. During shoots, Stierman uses a two-way radio system to communicate with a ground team that directs the wedding party while an expert flyer operates the drone. My first thought was that drones would outsource wedding photographers, but it’s pretty clear that if anything, these photos add more workers to the mix.

Would you be into having drone photography at your wedding? I’m still not over being freaked out by the concept of drones in general, but beyond that, it seems pretty cool. [Huffington Post]