Shopping Strategy: How To Shop A Major Sale Without Losing It

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is happening right now and, like many major sales, the good stuff goes fast. In particular, anything that says limited edition, exclusive, or free gift with purchase.  The first area to be ransacked is the beauty department. Ever wonder how some women have 20 free makeup pouches and a never-ending supply of brand name makeup remover? It’s because they know what they want and how to get it.

With a little help from insiders, and a lot of Beauty Test Driving, I have finally figured out how to be one of the I-get-what-I-want women.

Step 1: Take inventory. Check your makeup bag and consider your favorite and most used products. What are you running out of? What brands do you love? Now is the time to stock up on jumbo size lotions, cleansers, body washes, and fragrances. If you’re running out of your favorite Nars Orgasm blush or YSL Gloss Stain, now is the time to replenish your stock.

Step 2: Try it, before you buy it. If you don’t know what you want, read a bunch of our Beauty Test Drives or go test drive them yourself. Run to the store today and take home free samples of products you are considering. This is a great opportunity to invest in high-end products, like the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery line you’ve been eyeing.

Step 3: Don’t be distracted by shiny objects. Avoid being of those annoying people who monopolize three different sales associates, because you want to compare three different eye pallets by three different brands. (You know who you are.) Do a quick lap, check out the special offers displayed on the counters, and keep your favorite brands in mind. New eye, cheek, and lip bundles from Laura Marcier, MAC, and Trish McEvoy are tempting, I know, but you really don’t need all three sets. Put your faith in your favorite brand.

Step 4: Consider staying home. Does the idea of shopping the first day of a big sale give you anxiety, or worse, make you angry? Take advantage of the World Wide Web and free shipping by shopping online. Same deals, less crazies wandering around. 

The first 48 hours of a major sale is not the time for leisurely browsing, dammit, it’s a race to the checkout counter. Wishy-washy shoppers, move out of the way. Some of us have some serious sale shopping to do.