University Of Oregon Public Safety Officer Reveals Co-Workers’ Extensive List Of People Who Should “Eat A Bowl Of Dicks”

A former University of Oregon public safety officer is suing the University after being fired in 2012 for reporting misconduct within the school’s police department. According to the released officer James Cleavenger, a handful of his fellow officers kept a “Bowl of Dicks” list which they regularly updated instead of working. For those unfamiliar with a “Bowl Of Dicks” list, it is a list people and things that should eat a bowl of dicks. Yes, it’s that simple.

Two hundred and twenty five people — including Rick James, Spandex On Fat People, Snooki, and The Black Eyed Peas (Minus Fergie) — were just some of of the targets who made the Rent-A-Cops’ list (which is sort of awful, but sort of hilarious). And I think you’ll all be THRILLED to hear that the lieutenant who allegedly created the list is now in charge of “Professional Standards and Training.” I’ll say this, though: if he got one thing right, it’s that Justin Bieber should eat a bowl of dicks. Maybe it would shut his ass up.

Check out the full list above. [Gawker]