Pad Gardner, The Man Who Wants To Be A Maxi Pad, Alleges He Was Assaulted By MRAs

Remember Pad Gardner, the guy who is trying to become a pink, disposable maxi pad? Pad is obviously a unique individual and his desire to be something that is, according to his Facebook About Me section, “pressed against a soft vulva for a woman’s period” seems fairly harmless. (Although maybe I just think that because I use tampons and/or a Diva Cup, and no pads of any kind ever go near my vulva.) But according to a Facebook status update posted last night, Pad has become a target of Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs). Pad’s post explains:

Today I went to my math class at the college, and upon leaving class I was being followed around by two guys. After leaving the college they continued to follow me downtown as I walked. I realized I was being followed, and hid inside a bathroom downtown. They came into the bathroom, and jumped me. They said I didn’t belong in the Men’s Room. They hit me in the stomach and ran.

I received an email a few hours ago from a men’s rights activist telling to stay out of the Men’s Bathroom, and to expect more violence if I continue to be referred to as a male. Well you know what you assholes can have your stupid gender. You know what I’m a pad, and I’m damn proud to be not a part of your violent gender.

I’m not the slightest bit shocked that MRAs aren’t supportive of Pad’s refusal to conform to typical male gender roles, or gender roles at all, and I think it’s disgusting that he was the target of physical violence and threats. Let’s be clear: here at The Frisky, We Stand With Pad. [Facebook: Pad]