Israelis Told They Have To Remove “Men Only” Signs Off Bomb Shelter

A rabbinical court in Israel was recently ordered to remove  “men only” signs from its bomb shelter. The gender segregation in the bomb shelters  would be keeping with the Orthodox Jewish practice of separating the sexes. As The Week notes, the court had a separate space for “women only,” but it was amidst the regular courtrooms in a room only accessible by a code and “did not appear to provide extra security or protection.” So, like, not really a bomb shelter?

The court insisted that segregating women from the bomb shelter was not actually implemented in a real emergency and also that once a female politician named Shav Shaffir complained, the men’s sign was taken down. “The thought that women who sought a secure refuge from rocket fire and encountered a closed door just because they were women is unthinkable,” said Shaffir in a statement. Given the situation in Israel lately, this turnaround could actually  have saved some lives.

[The Week via The Times Of Israel]

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[Image of a “no women” sign via Shutterstock]