Arizona Will Drop Child Abuse Charges Against Mom Who Left Kids In Car During Job Interview

  • Arizona said it would drop child abuse charges against an unemployed, sometimes homeless mother who was arrested for leaving her kids inside a car while she went to a job interview if she agreed to certain conditions. Shanesha Taylor, 35, agreed to take parenting and substance abuse classes, as well as establish education and childcare trusts which contain no less than $10,000. That last provision sounds extremely unreasonable to a low-income mother, in my opinion, but likely reflect the tens of thousands of dollars in donations that Taylor received after her arrest became public. Hopefully Taylor’s children, who were taken by Child Protective Services, can be reunited with their mom ASAP. [The Root]
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  • An appeals court has upheld the decision to overturn Oklahoma’s ban on gay marriage on the grounds that it violated the Constitution. [Huffington Post]
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