10-Year-Old Girl Writes Adorably Scathing Review Of The Cinderella Restaurant At Disney World

Apparently, Cinderella’s Royal Table is the Lamborghini of Disney World restaurants. If you haven’t made a reservation for the highly-coveted princess eatery at least six months in advance, you can forget about it. One 10-year-old Disney World guest, however, did not find the experience to her liking, and wants to save future Disney visitors the trouble. In a one-star review under the TripAdvisor username WDWexpert, she shared her subpar experience of dining surrounded by princess-loving plebs with plastic wands and being offered the most mediocre of food options: chicken nuggets. The full review is too good not to include in its entirety:

We went to this restaurant for dinner after having heard that it was one of the best at WDW (Walt Disney World). Having gone to WDW many times before I can safely say that unless you have young ones that love princesses it isn’t worth your money. When I first went I was counted as an adult by disney (tickets and such) but, was ten about to turn eleven. My parents and I had saved the money to go because a) When we made our reservation we were told when we asked if it was character dining that it was not. B) We thought it would be a nice end to our trip and C) We had never gone and thought that we should try something new.

Now when we walked in they had a photo opportunity with Cinderella and Prince Charming which we tried to bypass but were told “Oh no you have to stay for it, it is part of the experience!”

When we finally got upstairs we were unpleasantly surprised. We had been told that we were having a reservation for three adults (Me and my parents,). Now, the main reason we chose the restaurant was the menu, which was highly recommended. To my and my parents surprise I was given a children’s menu with a few items one of which was chicken nuggets and the rest was other traditional counter service items. All of the items had the price of a table service menu.

We asked for the adult menu to which we were told that they were not sure if I would be able to finish the adult meal. At this point the waiter asked my parents if they were sure I wanted the adult menu. My parents said yes and the waiter complied while walking away looking baffled.
We ordered our food and while we were waiting the princesses walked around and took pictures and gave each little girl a plastic wand. Once again if you said that you did not want to take a picture with the princesses you were told that “You should it is the part of the experience.”
Once we finally got our food it was cold and relatively tasteless, but by that time I was starving and wanted to have an excuse for not taking another picture with a princess.

Let it be said that the entire time we spent there, their were little children running around screaming and yelling, chasing the princesses, and hitting each other with the little plastic wands.

All in all the experience was not what was expected and was a complete madhouse with a lackluster staff. Save your money and go to basically anywhere else in WDW.

While I will never understand anyone’s insistence that they are too classy for chicken nuggets, keep doing you, WDWexpert. You clearly have the makings of a superstar restaurant critic.

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