This App Analyzes Your Dreams To Tell You More About Yourself

You know that moment when you’re telling your friend about the dream you had last night and her eyes start to glaze over? There’s an app for that. Enter DreamSphere, an app that wants to hear your navel-gazing about how last night you dreamed your best friend morphed into a purple octopus. DreamSphere prompts you to record the symbols in your dreams when you wake up, explains what they mean, and shows you on a map where others are dreaming about the same thing. It also studies patterns in your dreams over time to analyze parts of your waking personality, like how assertive, anxious or confident you are. Not surprisingly, I’m kind of obsessed with it.

Last night, I inexplicably dreamed that I was at a children’s birthday party and ingested a ton of liquid cough syrup that I later realized was prescribed to one of the kids at the party. I freaked out and started Googling how much of this stuff it takes to accidentally overdose and whether the kid would now get super sick because I’d stolen all her meds. Then when I finally rejoined the party, I’d missed the cake, so I had to eat a leftover scoop of ice cream. When I put these weird details into DreamSphere, I learned that 4,865 people in the world had also dreamed of overdoses, fear, and birthdays, mostly in Western Europe and the eastern U.S. The app also has an alarm designed to prolong the twilight feeling between asleep and awake so that you can remember your dreams better. I have yet to try that part, but it sounds pretty kickass.

I’ve been known to give my dreams a little too much power to freak me out. If they’re about horrible things happening in my waking life, I start to fear that they’re a prophecy of impending doom. This has pretty much never turned out to be true, but what analyzing my dreams has offered is a window into what I fear, what my subconscious wants, and even offer some inspiration. Dreams help us to understand ourselves, is why I’m trying to make a habit of recording them more often. Do you record your dreams? Would you try an app like this? [$Free, iTunes]

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