That Time Two Chimps Went To See “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes” In The Movie Theater

I will never forgive myself for not being at this Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, movie theater last weekend. Several employees from Myrtle Beach Safari decided to give their chimps a night out at BigD movies (yes, that’s its real name) to go see none other than “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.” If I were there, I’d say screw the movie, I’m watching the real monkeys.

According to the Safari’s Director, Bhavagan Antle, Vali and Sugriva are two 2-year-old chimpanzees who live at the Safari, love TV and were big fans of the previous “Planet Of The Apes” installment, “Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes.” During their trip to the theater, they ate popcorn, paid for their own tickets, clapped during the show and occasionally hid when something scary was onscreen just like human folk. Basically, they’re the cutest.

Check out the video to watch some highlights of their night at the movies, and join me in feeling depressed for not being there to share a bucket of popcorn with them. [Daily Mail]