Not This Crap Again: Radio Douchebags Went On A Misogynistic Rant Against Reporter Erin Andrews

Fox sportscaster Erin Andrews has taken a lot of bullshit and slandering for being a (conventionally attractive) woman in her field, so I’m pretty nauseated to see yet another jab at her by some radio bros who felt it was necessary to call her a “gutless bitch.”

Kirk Minihane, a cohost of “The Dennis and Callahan Morning Show,” wasn’t pleased with Andrews’ recent dugout interview with baseball player Adam Wainwright. She mentioned that social media controversy had developed over whether Wainright threw easy pitches to Derek Jeter at Tuesday night’s All Star game, so he clarified to her that he didn’t.

Her response to him was, “Don’t you love social media?”

“No, I don’t,” Wainwright said.

After playing this clip on the air, Minihane went on a bizarre tangent. He called Andrews a bitch, a bimbo, and most eloquently of all, a bubblehead. He also wished she would drop dead and repeatedly said he hated her, all because she made a remark about social media to a baseball player. Does not compute. After the brunt of his outburst, the hosts mused aloud for a moment that maybe she was a nice person, but then changed their minds and agreed one more time, for good measure, that she was probably a bitch.

I really admire Andrews for continuing to do the job she loves despite the assholes who periodically crop up torment her. She’s always a class act around these kinds of jerks, and I expect she will be no different this time around – how shitty that we live in a world where this kind of treatment is such a norm for her. [Deadspin]