Here’s A Fundraiser For That Mom Who Was Arrested For Letting Her Daughter Play Outside

  • A fundraiser on is collecting donations for Debra Harrell, a South Carolina mom who was arrested for “child abandonment” because her nine-year-old daughter was playing alone at a park while Harrell was at her job. As of right now, the fund has blasted past the $10K goal and is only growing higher. [YouCaring]
  • Meet the Detroit assistant prosecutor who has pushed for over 3,000 abandoned rape kits to be tested. The vital DNA evidence collected in rape kits can, and has, caught dozens of serial rapists. [TIME]
  • Mia Henderson, a Black trans woman, was found beaten to death in Baltimore. The 26-year-old was the sister of Los Angeles Clippers player Reggie Bullock. [Queerty]
  • Rep. Todd Akin says “a number of people” on his staff were “conceived by rape,” which is interesting, considering he was the one who said rape makes the body “shut down” so you don’t get pregnant. [Slate]
  • A judge in Florida ruled today that the ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, although his purview would have only applied to Monroe County, FL. However, the state attorney general immediately filed an appeal, which blocked its implementation. [Orlando Sentinel]
  • On 16-year-old Jada, the Texas girl whose sexual assault went viral, and why it’s not enough to just stand with survivors. [Stacia L Brown]
  • A former grad student at Vanderbilt University in Nashville has filed a $20 million sexual harassment lawsuit against the school. [News Channel 5]
  • On how Black women suffer disproportionately from the wage gap. [Huffington Post]
  • Here’s the amazing Rebecca Traitster at The New Republic on the power of saying you just don’t fucking care what some dude thinks. [The New Republic]
  • These text messages from a Las Vegas club promotor to a woman trying to plan a bachelorette party insisting on no “whales or hippos.” [Jezebel]

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