Oh You Fancy, Huh? Fish Are Now Receiving Acupuncture Before Becoming Your Sushi

After reading about Katy Perry, Neil Patrick-Harris and David Burtka’s recent sushi meal at Park Restaurant in Montreal, I remain more fascinated by their fare than by the fact that Katy hangs with NPH and David. Why? Because their sushi was acupuncture-treated before it became their dinner.

Soon after they dined, Katy took to Twitter to rave about their meal, writing:

Katy Perry, David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris

For those of you who don’t know what acupuncture is, the practice involves inserting very thin needles throughout the skin to target specific points on the body, mainly for therapeutic reasons and pain relief. So why would fish be treated with acupuncture before they’re killed to become your next meal? According to the restaurant’s website, the practice is actually not that unusual in Japan, and is the equivalent to hospice care for soon-to-be sliced fishies.

“We stock everything from our exclusive sustainable bluefin tuna to acupunctured snapper, where fishermen insert needles so that the trauma of death is avoided, allowing the cut to remain exceptionally tender,” the website explains.

So there you have it. Next time you order a spicy tuna roll, maybe you should ask if your fish was given a proper, relaxing send-off. RIP.