Hillary Clinton Hits Up “The Daily Show”

  • … and nope, she still hasn’t formally announced whether she’ll run for president yet. But she gets pretty damn close! [The Daily Show]
  • Adele will release a new album, 25, next year and head out on tour. [Just Jared]
  • “Scandal”‘s Scott Foley and his wife are expecting their third child. Mazel tov! [Huffington Post]
  • Adrienne Bailon is finally getting that Rob Kardashian tattoo removed. It’s been six years. This is why you don’t get tattoos of people you’re dating on your body. [US Weekly]
  • Danielle Radcliffe is trying to quit cigarettes in “smoking rehab.” [Daily Star UK]
  • #nerdgasm: Richard Ayoade from “The IT Crowd” is publishing a memoir. [ONTD]
  • A man broke into the Kennedy’s Hyannis compound looking for Katy Perry (???) and one of the Kennedy grandkids just hung out with him for hours because he assumed the intruder was a houseguest. [TMZ]
  • Kim Kardashian is going to make bank on that stupid video game she made. [TMZ]
  • Here are the sneaky legal methods that American Apparel used to hide Dov Charney’s sexual misconduct from his company’s board. [New York Times]
  • Jennifer Aniston is releasing a second fragrance. I didn’t even know she had a first fragrance. [Celebitchy]

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