This Japanese Artist Was Arrested For Emailing 3-D Print Data Of Her Vagina

Today in bizarre: a Japanese artist has been arrested for obscenity after allegedly emailing data that would be used to make 3-D prints of her vagina. Megumi Igarashi works under the name Rokude Nashiko, which translates to something along the lines of “bastard kid,” and a major goal of her work is to make the female body less of a taboo topic. She’s been known to mold all kinds of materials into the shape of genitalia because, according to her, the vagina is hidden away in Japanese society.

Igarashi was in the midst of a campaign to make a boat shaped like her hoo-hah — which she planned to sail across Switzerland’s Lake Geneva — when her legal troubles started. With the help of a crowd-funding site, she raised over 1 million yen (around $9,800) for the project, which was more than double her initial goal. As a perk of the fundraising campaign, backers who donated 10,000 yen or more were to receive an email link to the data file of her bits that she’d created for the 3-D print. Apparently, over 30 people received the email, and shortly after sending off the data, she was arrested because of Japan’s laws requiring that junk be blurred in images — even in porn.

Obviously, the email recipients were consenting to the situation and cool with receiving a vagina in their inbox. On top of that, the image wasn’t even a real photograph, just a digital 3-D mock-up. Igarashi denies the allegations against her — she didn’t send the data in exchange for money, and didn’t consider it to be obscene when she sent it. Her supporters are livid and are pushing for the charges to be dropped. Things aren’t looking optimistic for the sailing voyage, which she’d hoped to film as an art performance and create cartoons about. Who knew celebrating ladyhood could be so controversial? Are dick pics punished in the same way?

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