These Undies Were Made Specially For Your Period

Three forward-thinking women have put their heads together to create the ultimate in lingerie — pretty, stain-resistant underwear meant to help you survive your period without ruined clothes and embarrassing moments. Why didn’t anyone come up with this sooner!?

The panties are called THINX, and they’re the brain child of twin sisters Radha and Miki Agrawal and their friend Antonia Dunbar. After facing one too many public period disasters, the ladies got fed up with the cultural stigma surrounding menstruation — and how that stigma has prevented innovation in the products we use to manage our time of the month. THINX undies are made with “four-layer technology” to prevent leakage, but are still thin enough to feel something like real underwear. They’re offered as hiphuggers, thongs, and even a fancy lacy variety.

The best part of these magic undies is that they also serve a higher cause — for every pair purchased, seven reusable AFRIPads will be given to a young girl in the developing world so that she’ll have the coverage she needs to get through a week of school. An astounding number of girls around the world miss school during their periods because they don’t have access to menstrual products, and often fall so far behind in their studies that they’re unable to catch up. Basically, THINX are the dream creation you never knew would actually come true. You can wear white pants again! [The Daily Dot]