Jenny Lewis Taps Famous Gal Pals For “Just One Of The Guys” Video

Last month, we previewed Jenny Lewis’ long-awaited comeback track, “Just One Of The Guys,” which featured a photo carousel of the singer wearing her now-signature rainbow suit—the one that also graces the cover of her new album, The Voyager, which is out July 29.

To celebrate the album’s upcoming release, Lewis has put out an official video—which she directed herself!—for the single. The clip is sort of a play on Robert Palmer’s “Addicted To Love” set-up, but with a gaggle of the singer’s famous female cohorts standing in for the tube-dressed drones. The video stars Kristen Stewart, Brie Larsen and Anne Hathaway as Lewis’ white suit-wearing and barefoot backup band. (I also think I spy Tennessee Thomas, former member of The Like and owner of NYC boutique The Deep End Club, on drums, but I can’t be totally sure.)

In addition to each actress performing solo, beauty-shot, lip dubs for the camera, the group of A-list ladies don some pretty impressive and sporty drag ensembles. Okay, so they’re all just wearing mustaches and Adidas tracksuits, but that still takes some major balls. The video must’ve been filmed a bit ago because Stewart recently debuted a shorter coif, which could’ve saved the production company money on the wig budget.

Besides being completely obsessed with Lewis’ ginger soul-patch and Stewart’s crotch grabs, I kinda love watching Hathaway—as a dude—trying to breakdance, failing miserably and not giving a fuck. It’s the first time in a long time the notoriously stiff actress has loosened up and acted like a goofy human … and I’d love to see more of it!

Watch (and learn a few moves) from Jenny Lewis’ video for “Just One Of The Guys.” Oh, and if you happen to live in L.A., visit Amoeba Records to see a hand-painted mural of The Voyager featured on the side of the building.

Jenny Lewis Voyager Mural