“Undress Me,” The Follow-Up To That “First Kiss” Video, Is An Homage To Masters And Johnson

Remember that “First Kiss” video, featuring pairs of strangers asked to kiss for the first time? The internet went crazy when it which turned out to be a clever ad for a clothing company, inspiring a whole mess of parodies. Well, the director of “First Kiss” is back with “Undress Me,” a similarly themed video that’s an homage to William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the real-life sex researchers who serve as the inspiration for HBO’s “Masters of Sex.” See, back in 1957, as the “Undress Me” video explains, Masters and Johnson began asking strangers to undress for science. “Undress Me” director Tatia Pilieva picks up where they left off, explaining, “I asked strangers to undress each other and get in bed. Nothing else. No rules.” The results are funny and kinda sexy and only a bit awkward, honestly. Watch above!