In Hong Kong, You Can Realize Your Dream Of Getting Married At McDonald’s

Getting married at McDonald’s would have been my wildest dream around age five. Apparently some couples in Hong Kong never let go of that dream and are actually getting married with Ronald McDonald as a witness.

The wedding program at Hong Kong McDonald’s locations has become so popular that the website has a special page for nuptial planning, complete with golden arches shaped into a heart. It reads, “Thinking about throwing a really special party for your wedding, engagement, anniversary or bridal shower? Think McDonald’s.”

The wedding packages include “unique venue decoration,” special games, and gifts for the couple and their guests. If the happy pair springs for a deluxe package (it’s about $1,200 U.S. dollars), they’ll receive invites for 50 guests, balloon wedding rings, a bouquet, an apple pie cake display, and a crystal McDonald’s house, whatever that is. According to the company, the wedding program began due to popular demand from couples who had their first dates at the restaurant and wanted to make things official in the same place their love began. Um, okay then. The most enticing part, I must admit, is the website’s insistence that “everything will be taken care of by McDonald’s. All you need to do is be there…”

Tragically, the U.S. McDonald’s site doesn’t provide such nuptial options. If someone were in the thick of stressful wedding planning, I can see how it would be pretty tempting to hand the dirty work off to a mega-corporation instead of slaving over seating arrangements and invitations fonts. Besides, nothing says love like Chicken McNuggets, right?

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[Image of Ronald McDonald via Shutterstock]