Beauty Test Drive: Yes To Coconut Naturally Smooth Lip Balm & Cooling Lip Oil

I loooove the smell of coconuts. Just a whiff takes me back to the beach where sunscreen and pina coladas are plentiful. So when I heard that Yes To launched a line of Yes To Coconut products, I couldn’t wait to try their lip balm and lip oil that would (hopefully) leave me tasting coconut flavors all the live long day.

Yes To Coconut Naturally Smooth Lip Balm

Price: $2.99, Target (In Stores)

Application: The lip balm comes in a chap stick tube, so it’s incredibly easy to apply. It goes on smooth (not too waxy) and smells AMAZING. In fact, I kept licking my lips so much that I found myself having to reapply fairly frequently. Having been in the sun recently, the lip balm did a great job moisturizing my semi-sunburned lips. Because coconuts are rich in fatty acids, the natural oils in the balm are super soothing. It’s also 99% natural, which I love.

Results: It’s my new favorite thing. Seriously. And for $2.99, I can buy, like, 10 of them to go in every purse I own.

Rating: 5/5

Yes To Coconut Cooling Oil Lip Balm

Price: $4.99, Target (In Stores)

Application: I wasn’t sure what to expect from a lip oil that wasn’t described as a “gloss,” but I was pleasantly surprised. Designed to “help smooth dry and cracked skin,” the oil goes on clear and shiny, as would a regular non-tinted lip gloss. You apply the oil from a tube to avoid a mess, and within a few seconds your lips will start to tingle a bit, which I found to be refreshing and not overly annoying like some of those lip plumping glosses that make you feel like you just kissed a jellyfish. Even after drinking water continuously for hours, the oil stayed on my lips and still felt almost creamy, leaving a slightly glossy shine on the lips. It doesn’t have as much of a coconut smell as the balm, but you can definitely still it’s got a slight coconut scent.

Results: It moisturizes, looks pretty, smells good and works! I’m not so sure about the “cooling” part, but I did find it refreshing. My only complaint is that it could be a wee bit more coconutty. (Is that a word?)

Rating: 4/5