BrusselKale Is Maybe The Vegetable Hybrid Of My Dreams

I love to cook and the vegetables I prepare by far the most often are Brussels sprouts and kale. Seriously, I eat sauteed kale and spicy roasted Brussels sprouts, like, 3-4 days per week, because they’re easy and fantastic for you and filling and also fucking delicious. So naturally, my stomach started growling when I read that BrusselKale, a hybrid between the two, is on the way. USA Today calls it “the superfood we’ve been waiting for,” and while I think that’s a slight exaggeration, I am pretty pumped to try it:

BrusselKales are the result of 15 years of traditional crop breeding by British vegetable seed company Tozer Seeds. The company says the taste is more subtle than a Brussels sprout, “a fusion of sweet and nutty.”

I was a little worried that BrusselKale was some sort of vegetarian version of, like, the rumored six-wing KFC chickens, an offense to Mother Nature and whatnot. However, since both kale and Brussels sprouts are members of the cabbage family, the hybrid isn’t genetically modified. I guess it’s sort of like incest between two veggie cousins, but the byproduct is hopefully delicious instead of scary.

Also, if BrusselKale is too much of a mouthful, Tozer Seeds lists it as a “Flower Sprout” (how twee!) and is marketing it as “Kalettes.” I’m unsure of how to pronounce that, actually. CUH-LETS? Like cutlets but without the first T? Or, the more sensical, KALE-ETTES, like little baby kale bunches (and/or the future spawn of Jessica and her husband Kale)? Whatever, I can’t wait to try them when they hit the market this fall. [ via Jezebel]