Style Stealer: Another Day, Another Perfect Outfit From Jessica Alba

If the Bling Ring ever decides to get the gang back together for another round of robbing celebrities closets, I would not be surprised if Jessica Alba’s pad is at the top of their list of houses to cruise. I almost feel embarrassed by how often I feature her in Style Stealer. I swear, I don’t want to wear Jessica as a skin suit, but I would like to come over, borrow all her clothes and never return them. However, since we typically frown upon real thievery, we’ll just have to steal her look by paying for it the old fashioned way. Womp womp. Details after the jump!

Skirt: $47.64, ASOS
Blazer: $64.99, MANGO
Lipstick: $26, NARS Niagara, Sephora
Pumps: $95, Topshop, Nordstrom
T-Shirt: $26.95, GAP