Study Reveals “Three Fat-Shaming Moments Per Day” For Overweight Women

  • Overweight women experienced an average of “three fat-shaming moments per day,” according to a new study published in the Journal Of Health Psychology. The study examined the psychological effects that bullying by fat-shaming has on women. Here are just a few fuckin’ heartbreaking stories that women shared: “Boyfriend’s mother denied me access to food, also stated that I was so fat because I was lazy”; “The dentist was worried I might break his chair.”; “Teenagers made animal sounds (moo) outside of the store.” I knew this stuff happened but it’s fucking horrible to actually read. [Science Of Us]  
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  • Nine feminist arguments against using trigger warnings (such as “TW: rape”) in academia. [Policy Mic]
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  • Anne Hollander, a fashion historian who wrote numerous books about the history of clothing and its impact on culture, died at 83. [New York Times]

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[Image of an ashamed woman via Shutterstock]