Beauty Test Drive: Eylure Dramatic No. 205 False Lashes

The UK brand Eylure has a long history with lashes. Developed by two makeup artist in the 1940s, Eylure offers lashes ranging from natural to dramatic. When presented with the opportunity to Beauty Test Drive a pair, I couldn’t resist going for the most intense pair I could get my hands on.

Price: $4.99, Target (In-Store)

Application: The dramatic lashes kit includes two lashes and a latex based adhesive. First, starting at the inner most corner of the eye, lightly line each lash with black eyeliner. Then hold up a set of lashes to your eye to check length. The lashes should start about three millimeters from the inner corner of your eye and come close to the outer edge for optimal comfort. If the lashes are too long towards the inner eye, trim them slightly with small scissors.

Once each lash has been sized, line one of the false lashes with adhesive. Don’t go crazy with the glue. This is powerful stuff so a little will go a long way.  Close the eye you wish to apply the lash to. Take your time lining up the false lash directly above your real lashes in the desired location. Then, keeping your eye closed, wait for the glue to dry. If you must, gently open your eye to check the positioning. Do not rush to do the other eye. If you find a small section of your lash is not sticking, simply use a toothpick to apply a small dab of glue to the needed location.

Once the first false lash is completely dry, about two minutes, apply the second lash in the same fashion.  Take a moment to touch up your eyeliner. If the lashes hang too low and block your field of vision, simply attend to them with a standard eyelash curler.

Results: Before applying lashes, I was sporting my usual Topshop Magic Liner without mascara. Once the lashes were applied, I almost fell out of my chair. They took a moment to get used to, but after 10 minutes I adjusted to the extra weight. The biggest shock was the visual difference! No amount of mascara would create these Kardashian-worthy lashes.

I found Dramatic No. 205 lashes a little too cumbersome for daily use, but I am excited to bat these lashes at my next cocktail party.

Rating: 4/5