Watch The iPhone 6’s Sapphire Crystal Screen Survive A Stabbing

I have a love/hate relationship with every single Apple product I own. I am what you might call an Apple Truther, someone who believes that Apple products are designed to break right after your warranty is up, either through “normal” wear and tear or the installation of “critical” updates that are actually critical because they put your damn iPhone/iPad/laptop/whatever on life support. And yet, despite my belief in this conspiracy, like a good sheep with an addiction to shiny, new things, I keep buying Apple’s products year after year because they are kind of amazing and wonderful for the majority of the two years (length of the warranty!) and one day (first day without a warranty!) that they actually last. Which is why I will no doubt be buying the iPhone 6 when it comes out — but this time, Apple may have actually made a design update that improves upon the phone’s hardware. The iPhone 6 will reportedly come with a bigger, scratch-resistant sapphire glass screen that, if the video above from YouTuber Marques Brownlee is to be believed, puts its current screen to shame.

My biggest beef with the iPhone has always been that the screen breaks way too easily. I’ll admit that I’m a total butterfingers and routinely fumble or outright drop my phone. I’ve broken the screen on every single iPhone I’ve had, which would be a little more acceptable if the screen cracked after many hard collisions with asphalt, but most cracks have occurred within the first month of ownership. When I got the iPhone 5, I bought a top notch, super grip-able case and a super thick protective screen so that when I would inevitably drop it (and I did) the actual phone hopefully wouldn’t be damaged and the protective screen would crack instead (and it did). But now it seems like Apple sees the value in making this product, at least, more damage-resistant.

Brownlee claims to have gotten his hands on the screen that will be used on the iPhone 6 and in this video, puts it’s scratch-resistant sapphire crystal to the test — BY STABBING IT. If this is legit, I’ll be bitching a lot less while I willingly hand over my hard-earned money when the phone finally hits the market. The phone is supposedly set to be officially unveiled on September 19. [YouTube via The Daily Dot]