The Latest Carl’s Jr. “Sexy Burger” Ad Features A Dude For A Change

Carl’s Jr. ads have a signature formula, and it tends to involve scantily clad hot ladies — which have included Jenny McCarthy, Heidi Klum and Paris Hilton — sauntering around in a semi-NSFW manner while remembering to take a big bite out of a burger every now and then. This time around, the company’s latest “sexy burger-eating” ad features a dude, and damn do things look different when the star is a guy.

Bryan Spangler, a “professional daredevil,” gets to be fully clothed while he enjoys his Carl’s Jr. meal. (Like, fully clothed, up to his neck. I would not hate some footage of this guy’s sure-to-be-chiseled abs!) He also gets to spend almost all of his screen time interacting with that burger and chilling on his car, instead of using 90 percent of his energy contorting into sexy poses between bites like Jenny, Heidi and Paris before him. Unlike the previous ads’ tendency to make the star an object of sexual attention, this one just makes Spangler out to be a guy who takes charge of everyone and everything he meets, like the burger he’s currently dominating. Sigh. I don’t think gender equality was what the company was going for by featuring a male performer anyway, but if that was their aim, they missed the mark hardcore. At least the burger looks yummy. [The Ethical Adman]