Mayor Fires Obstetrician Who Refused To Inform Patient Carrying Badly Deformed Fetus About Abortion

  • The mayor of Warsaw, Poland, fired the obstetrician who heads a maternity hospital that refused to provide information about abortion to a patient carrying a badly deformed fetus. The patient was not told by the doctor, who is Catholic, where she could obtain an abortion before the 24th week of pregnancy (when abortion is legal in Poland in cases where the fetus is not growing normally). Thus, the patient delivered the baby, who was put into intensive care with brain deformities. Warsaw’s mayor (a woman!) said the doctor overreached her faith into a medical setting — and I wholeheartedly agree. If your “conscience” prevents you from doing your job properly, maybe you’re in the wrong career. [ABC News]
  • A pregnant woman in a Texas jail is being denied methadone, which is used to get off heroin. Being denied methadone, which is reportedly safe to be taken during pregnancy, could badly impact her pregnancy. [RH Reality Check]
  • This is an intense and beautiful comic about one woman and her rapist. [Medium]
  • Just look at all those marriages between “three people and a dog” that have been legalized thanks to gay marriage! (Also, if three people want to get married to each other, who the fuck cares?) [Jezebel]
  • Here’s how to give Title IX the teeth to combat sexual violence on college campuses. [Feministing]
  • Utah is taking its fight for a ban on gay marriage all the way to the Supreme Court. [Salt Lake Tribune]
  • Advocates for abortion rights are pushing back against the Supreme Court’s recent decision on buffer zones around clinics. [WBUR]
  • New York Times reporter Tanzina Vega explains how she started a race beat at the newspaper. [New York Times]
  • Was “The West Wing” sexist? (Because we haven’t debated Aaron Sorkin ad nauseam before.) []
  • Here’s a handy-dandy guide to the various waves of the feminist movement. [Autostraddle]
  • Apparently you can’t engrave “vagina” on an iPad, but “penis” is A-OK. [Styleite]

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