Is Eva Mendes Pregnant With Ryan Gosling’s Baby?

OK! Magazine is reporting that Ryan Gosling has allowed his precious, beautiful sperm to impregnate girlfriend Eva Mendes, despite ongoing rumors that the couple has broken up. Supposedly Eva is seven months along and “it’s a dream come true for her,” according to the “pal” who leaked the status of Mendes’ womb to the gossip mag. Naturally, before I completely LOST MY SHIT over this bit of gossip — because as you perhaps maybe heard, Ryan and I are M2B — I decided to do some investigating…

Ryan has been photographed by the paps only a handful of times over the last year, ever since Eva locked him inside her basement he decided to take a break from acting, but what about Eva? The most recent photos I found are from mid- to late-March (above) and Eva doesn’t look like she’s expecting — but if the rumors are true, she would have only been four months pregnant at that point and not necessarily showing yet. There’s also the possibility that she is pregnant, but isn’t as far along as OK! is reporting. It is a little suspicious that they’ve both been laying low and going out of their way to stay out of the public eye.

But, of course, this could all be bullshit. OK! is not the most reliable of tabloids — People takes great pains to be accurate and Us Weekly is pretty on point with their gossip items in an effort to maintain good relationships with celebs and publicists, but OK! typically doesn’t bother with that. Other gossip outlets — like the UK’s Mirror and Radar Online — have started to report the rumor, but without any details beyond what’s been alleged by OK! So, until an actual outlet that I trust reports this as more than just a rumor via OK! I’ll hold off on expressing the depth of inner pain. [OK! Magazine]