Coming Soon: Remote-Controlled Contraception

A start-up in Massachusetts has come up with the ultimate “Jetsons”-inspired upgrade to birth control — a remote-controlled chip that lasts for 16 years. The wireless chip would automatically release contraceptive hormones into a patient’s body unless someone chose to turn it off, which could also be done with a remote. The hormones could be deactivated without visiting a doctor, unlike current long-term birth control methods like IUDs.

On the one hand, it’s like the birth control gods have answered womankind’s prayers. It would it be amazing to no longer have to take that damn pill every single day, or to experience the countless annoyances that also come along with other methods of birth control. The scary part, however, is that these kinds of devices can be susceptible to hacking. The thought of some hacker taking control of a piece of technology that’s embedded in my body totally skeeves me out. I also wonder if it’d be possible to accidentally screw up your dosage by working the remote incorrectly. The project has the backing of the Gates Foundation, and if pre-clinical tests go well, this thing could be on the market as soon as 2018 — so it’s something to consider. Am I just being paranoid? Would you try remote-controlled contraceptives?

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