Beauty Test Drive: Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Stick Face Color

I know the idea of $32 blush must make some people scream. How could anyone possibly spend that much money on makeup? But I have a ringing endorsement here: Laura Mercier’s new Bonne Mine Stick Face Color stays put all day long. It doesn’t sweat off in July’s sweltering humidity, it doesn’t get eaten up by my skin — and it comes off with a wipe at nighttime just like it’s supposed to do. Availability: $32,

Application: Bonne Mine Stick Face Color is a creamy blush comes in a medium-sized but hefty stick, with a cap that solidly clicks on. (Crappy packaging is a pet peeve of mine.) It comes in four colors — two which are bronze-y, two which are blush-y. I requested the color “Pink Glow” because my pale skin has pink undertones. The stick deposits a fair amount of pigment in one swipe (unlike Target’s Pixi Cheek Chain, which is fairly faint and needed to build upon itself). Although it’s still well within the realm of “the natural look,” you will look like you are wearing blush.

Beauty Test Drive: Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Stick Face Color

Overall: Laura Mercier’s ad copy uses words like “luminous,” “radiant” and “sun-kissed” — in this regard, they were not exaggerating. My normally-deathly-pale skin looks flushed in a good way, like I’ve just finished a naughty romp or gone for a jog. I’ve worn the Bonne Mine blush every day for the past few weeks and been racking up lots of compliments. And as I mentioned in the intro, this creamy makeup stays on all day long until I’m ready to take it off!

Rating: 5/5

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