Oh Shit: To Celebrate Independence Day, American Apparel Posted A Picture Of The Challenger Disaster On Tumblr

Just when you thought American Apparel was pushing limits via racy ads with exposed buttholes and mannequins with pubic hair, they go and cross that line one more time for their biggest “oh shit” moment of the year thus far. This Fourth of July, the clothing company kicked off the holiday weekend by reblogging a photo of the space shuttle Challenger explosion on the brand’s Tumblr page, with the hashtags #Smoke and #Clouds. This just in: THAT IS NOT PATRIOTIC.

Shortly after, American Apparel tweeted an apology about the post, blaming it on “one of our international social media employees who was born after the tragedy and was unaware of the event.”

Apparently, they thought the image was of fireworks not an exploding space shuttle? Eh, mistakes happen, but AA’s excuse is pretty weak. I mean, this employee was also born way after the Titanic sank too. Saying that they were “unaware of the event” kind of makes it look like AA hires idiots. Oh wait.