Fox News Brings On “Princeton Mom” (Who Is Divorced) To Teach Women How To Keep Their Husbands Happy

  • “Princeton Mom” Susan Patton may be divorced — which she blames on marrying a man who didn’t get an Ivy League education like she did, obvs — but that won’t stop her from wagging her finger at your relationship. In a segment on “Fox & Friends” about our poor, unappreciated menfolk, Patton warned women have been “emboldened by these antagonistic feminists” and advised we all give the man in our lives a little more attention like bringing him a drink when he comes from home from work. You don’t want to end up a spinster with 13 cats, do you?
  • Children with same-sex parents actually fared better than their peers with opposite-sex parents, according to an Australian study. [Queerty]
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  • The family of Marlene Pinnock is planning to sue after a California highway patrol officer was filmed beating her on the side of the road. [ColorLines]
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  • Meet Lucy Flores, a Latina star politician who is running for lieutenant governor of Nevada and is unapologetic about having had an abortion in the past. [MSNBC]
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