Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Celebrate Purple Rain’s 30th Birthday, Watch “The Leftovers” & Daydream About Glass Beach

Activities are wonderful, but sometimes, it’s fine to want to shut the world out for a couple of days, and make some serious time for you. Don’t be afraid of FOMO, either. There will always be another party, another pub crawl, another picnic. The time you’ll spend indulging in the things you want to do, alone, are well worth it. Here’s a handy list of awesome things to do this weekend!BOOKS/ARTICLES

  • Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls by David Sedaris: David Sedaris is one of those authors who I pretend is my friend in my head. He’s really funny and smart and never deigns to make the crude, lazy jokes. I’ve been reading his book of essays Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls and it’s just as weird, quirky and David Sedaris-y as I hoped! – Jessica
  • “Honest Book Titles” (Barnes And Noble Blog): What our favorite books should ACTUALLY be called — hilarious! – Katie


  • “The Leftovers” (HBO): It’s time to spring for HBO, because the new series “The Leftovers” is really, really good. And I’m not just saying that because Justin Theroux makes an extremely hot cop. – Jessica
  • “Pretty Little Liars” (Hulu): I have become completely obsessed with “Pretty Little Liars.” I am looking forward to marathoning season two this weekend. – Sophie
  • “This Is 40″ (iTunes): I finally watched “This Is 40″ after years of intending to, and it’s one of my new favorites. If I wasn’t obsessed with Leslie Mann already, I definitely am now! – Claire


  • Purple Rain, Prince: Purple Rain just turned 30, and while I wasn’t around to appreciate it when it first came out, I can’t say I don’t love the album. I also love this song-by-song review of what makes every track great. – Claire
  • Women & Work, Lucero: I was in San Francisco for a few days and stayed with my friends Lisa and Cody and they introduced me to this band Lucero. They’re not even remotely new, but I’m not cool and Lisa and Cody are so that’s why I’m just learning about them. I dig their alt-country rock vibes. – Amelia


  • Sangria: Okay, so yesterday was Independence Day, but the celebration should last all weekend. If you don’t like red, white and blue sangria, you are downright un-American. – Jessica
  • Blueberry Red Pepper Salsa: I made this blueberry red pepper salsa with white corn chips for a 4th of July barbecue, and taste-tested it beforehand: it’s TO DIE FOR. – Katie
  • New Use For Coffee Beans: Saw such a clever idea on Pinterest to fill coffee beans in your jar of makeup brushes to keep them standing up straight (and a yummy smell). Looks like I’ll be investing in some coffee beans soon! – Katie
  • Strawberries With Almond Cream: I’m going to a berry farm this weekend, and I’d really like to try to make these almond cream-filled strawberry treats if I pick enough strawberries to take home with me. – Claire


  • LELO Sex Survey: If you want a hefty discount LELO sex toys (perhaps you should try the LELO Ora, which we recently reviewed!) take this anonymous survey about sexual wants, needs and habits, and you’ll receive a 20% off coupon— well worth it! – Katie
  • Glass Beach (Fort Bragg, California): I’m in Northern California for a wedding this weekend and I’m planning on driving to a place called Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, where instead of sand, the entire beach is covered in sea glass. LIFE DREAM STATUS X 1000! Check out some photos here. – Amelia