Awesome Teenage Barista Defends Breastfeeding Mom Against Bully, Is My New Hero

Given all the stories we hear about women getting flack for breastfeeding in public, it’s so uplifting to hear about the experience of Julia Wykes, who was defended by a teenage Starbucks barista. Wykes stopped at the coffee shop while running errands with her five-month-old son; when he started to get cranky in line, she sat down to nurse him.

A fellow customer spotted this, and loudly bitched to the barista about Wykes. She asked the barista to stop her from breastfeeding because it was “disgusting.” The barista told the woman he’d take care of it and approached Wykes, but instead of confronting her, he offered her a voucher for a free drink and said, “I’m sorry you had to deal with such unpleasantness today,” prompting the bully to storm out of the shop.

Soon afterward, Wykes mentioned the experience on a Facebook parenting group, adding:

My opinion has always been: if your baby is hungry, feed him. It doesn’t matter how or where, just make sure your baby is well fed and happy.

Breastfeeding really is that simple. It is not about nudity, or being “disgusting,” as the Starbucks hater so eloquently put. It’s the least big deal ever — or at least, it should be. I’m hoping that in the near future it won’t make the freakin’ news every time somebody has the human decency to be tolerant of it!

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