5 Reasons To Go Commando This Fourth Of July

Nothing says Independence Day quite like exercising your freedom to go commando! Thanks to certain female celebrities who can’t keep their cha-cha’s away from paparazzi camera lenses, lots of women have developed a fear of going panty-free, since they’d like to keep their privates, well…private. But I’m here to tell you why you should consider saying goodbye to undies, if only just for the holiday (aside from the fact that it just sounds patriotic). It’s what our forefathers would have wanted…

1. No Panty Lines: You’re all dressed up for your big Fourth Of July party, clothes are clinging to your sweaty body and guests can see your panty lines as clear as fireworks in the night sky. That’s not a good look. Ditch the underwear; avoid the problem (and swamp ass)!

2. Avoid A Yeast Infection: There are many ways our vaginas can betray us, and one of those ways is the dreaded yeast infection. The warmer and more moist a vagina is, the more likely you’ll develop an infection. Wearing breathable cotton underwear during hot, summer months is often recommended, but letting the area air out without any undies at all is even better!

3. You’ll Stay Cool: Obviously going commando may not be preferable for those wearing super-short mini-skirts, but there’s something about a gentle breeze up there every once in a while that keeps you feeling fresh. Underwear gets sweaty and sticky and gross. If you’re wearing a sundress with ample breeze opportunity, this option is for you. (Also, I might add, feels phenomenal if you’ve just gotten a Brazilian wax!)

4. It’s Sexy As Hell: I always feel a little bit naughty when I go commando, and you will too. Even Christina Aguilera has called it “empowering” and some of history’s famous sex goddesses like Cleopatra and Jenn Harlow have gone au natural beneath their clothes for the same reason. To make it even sexier, tell your SO that you’re panty-free and I guarantee they will want to do you before the grill is even fired up.

5. You’ll Be More Desirable: According to clinical sexologist Ava Cadell, PhD, “without underwear blocking your body, a man has an easier time picking up on your pheromones, which are natural chemicals you emit below the belt that make you attractive to guys.” And with that said, going commando also makes it easier to have a really good quickie in the bathroom at a barbecue … just saying’.