My Invitation To This “Full House” Reunion Wedding Must Have Gotten Lost In The Mail

Dave Coulier, who most of us know best as Uncle Joey, got married to his girlfriend Melissa Bring on Wednesday, and most of the “Full House” crew was on the guest list. Candace Cameron Bure, Andrea Barber, show creator Jeff Franklin, Bob Saget, and John Stamos were all in attendance. The gang Instagrammed the whole thing, leaving the rest of us wishing we shared inside jokes with Uncle Jesse too.

Candace and Andrea, who played DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler on the series, took each other as dates while each of their husbands stayed home with their kids. From the looks of it, they’re totally BFFs.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were notably not at the wedding, but it’s okay, I’m sure they have a decent excuse, like being bajillionaires. The pictures the cast posted of the Montana ceremony lead me to believe they’re still one big happy family. They make goofy faces, put on sunscreen together, laugh at John Stamos’ antics, share cocktails and even workout as a team.

“Full House” stars, they’re just like us! [TIME]

[Images via Instagram]