Bride Sues Hotel After “Depraved” Man Ruins Her Wedding With His Testicles

Engaged couples have plenty to worry about leading up to the big wedding day: Will it rain? Will my dress fit after all of the stress eating I’ve been doing? Will my best man get too drunk after the ceremony? Are we going to be destitute when this whole thing is all over? So imagine everything going perfectly to plan, and you’re standing at the alter, ready to say “I do,” when a “depraved” man suddenly show ups and starts flashing his balls.

That’s what happened to Charleston, South Carolina bride Anna Rogers Murphy and her now-husband during their wedding at the area Doubletree Hotel. Samuel James Dengal, described a “depraved,” “stood above the ceremony flashing his genitalia.” Now Rogers Murphy and her parents are suing the hotel — but not Dengel, who I suspect has a lot of balls, but not a lot of money — seeking “actual and punitive damages for negligence and emotional distress,” because the hotel promised that the $15,000 ceremony would not be interrupted by any other hotel guests, let alone their junk pressed up against a window. I get where Rogers Murphy is coming from. The only nut sacks I’d want to see on my wedding day are my husband’s. [Gawker]