Beauty Test Drive: Formula X Press Pods

It’s inevitable: whenever you have somewhere to go, your nail polish chips. Today, three of my nails chipped — so annoying! I was about to use my emergency nail polish remover that I have stashed in my desk, until I remembered a few of my nails were accented with glitter — and there was no way I had enough remover to get all that tough to remove gunk off. So now what? Eight bare nails and two glittery tips? Heck no. Instead I decided to try redoing my entire manicure using the Formula X Press Pods I was sent last week. I say “try” because t I skeptical that this little pod would offer 2 coats of polish to all 10 fingers. So how did it go?

Price: $24 for a set of 24 pods, Sephora

Application: The little plastic pod has a brush built into it; twist off the plastic cap and the pod is opened and the brush is ready for use. (Go ahead and toss the cap because once you open this pod it can’t be resealed.) Turning the pod upside down, squeeze the base to force polish to flow onto the brush, similar to those lip glosses that have the brushes built in.When you see a drop of polish on your brush, go ahead and apply your first coat. Repeat the process as you paint each nail.  Make sure to have ample polish on the brush before painting for smooth application. Dry bristles are not your friend.

Results: This tiny pod actually contains ample polish for two coats! Unfortunately, the tiny container is difficult to hold so I don’t recommend this if you’re clumsy. Without a base coat and topcoat, I suspect the polish will chip in a few days, but Formula X Press Pods definitely come in handy on the go, in a pinch, or if you’re down to sample a large variety of colors without spending a bundle.

Rating: 3/5