Two Men Were Arrested In Idaho For Talking About Nickelback

I know that headline makes it seem like Idaho has become a totalitarian state where the mere utterance of the name of a reviled Canadian rock band is a jailable offence, but fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), that’s not exactly the case. Here’s what actually happened…

Two twenty-something dudes were at a gas station in Coeur d’Alene when another car started blasting a Nickelback song. After listening to a few verses of “Something In Your Mouth” or “Animals” or whatever the song was, the men got to talking about how much Nickelback sucks (sigh, so predictable). A county sheriff’s deputy overheard their conversation, and mistakenly thought they were referring to a “nickel sack,” which he assumed was meta-slang for a “nickel bag,” which is slang for $5 worth of marijuana. Like any thoughtful, respectful, law-abiding cop, he handcuffed them on the spot. The men were detained, their car was searched, but nothing incriminating — in the form of drugs or Nickelback CDs — was found.

This was obviously a gross abuse of power by the police department, but it’s even worse affront to Nickelback fans everywhere. What’s next? Random iPod checks? Lie detector tests to see if we secretly think “Faraway” would be the perfect wedding song? Might as well throw me in jail right now! [CoS]