Today In Terribleness: Teenager’s Tragic Caffeine Overdose Has Me Totally Freaked Out

An autopsy has found that an Ohio teenager who mysteriously collapsed a few weeks ago died of a caffeine overdose. Logan Stiner, an 18-year-old Prom King who was set to graduate a few days later, was found lying on the floor of his family’s home on May 27. His brother found him (the stuff of nightmares!) and didn’t know how long he’d been unconscious. How scary is that!?

Initially, Logan’s death was to believed to be from natural causes. His friends said he didn’t do drugs and had no medical conditions. But that same day, Logan’s mother found bags of caffeine powder in their house.

Authorities have now found that Logan had over 70 micrograms of caffeine per milliliter of blood in his system. Apparently, that’s a lot — 50 micrograms is considered to be lethal. To give you some perspective, three to 15 milligrams is what you might get from an energy drink. Authorities said that because Logan took caffiene as a powder, he likely had no idea how much he was consuming.

Stiner had been chosen as prom king of his high school shortly before his passing, and had planned to attend the University of Toledo in the fall to study chemical engineering. Nobody’s clear on exactly why he was taking the powder. He was a talented wrestler, and once alluded to his mom that there was a pre-workout substance he liked. My immediate assumption would have been caffeine use in an attempt to keep up with sports and school, or maybe just wasn’t considering the effects of what he was consuming — which seems to be the cause of a lot of tragic teenage deaths.

Either way, I hope this is a wake-up call for people who rely on high doses of caffeine powder and other stimulants. Being “successful” is not worth risking your health or your life.

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