I Guess Bridesmaids Showing Their Butts To The Camera Is A Thing Now?

Quirky bridesmaids photos are well-trodden ground. There’s the Charlie’s Angels pose. There’s posing in a circle around the camera. And now there’s … lifting up your dress and flashing your butt?

RYOT.com collected half a dozen photos of bridesmaids and brides baring their booty on the big day. I wouldn’t quite call it a trend, but apparently more than a few bridal parties have done it. Sometimes the pose is just a little dress-tucked-in-the-panties action, while other times stuff is getting NSFW. I guess these precious memories live forever in the wedding album, or the groom’s spank bank.

Sorry, friends, but here’s no way I’m letting a photographer take pictures of my tush unless money is involved. This needs to stay off everyone’s Pinterest Wedding dream board, alright?  Paying for a chiffon dress we only going to wear once is enough to ask of your bridesmaids.  [RYOT] [Image via Phillymag.com via ROYT]