In Case You Were Wondering, The World’s Sexiest Men Are From Australia

The semi-creepy travel dating website MissTravel took a survey of its members to find where the sexiest people in the world come from. The site asked both men and women to rate which nationalities they find sexiest in a partner. Obviously, sexiness is pretty subjective, but it’s all in good fun anyway! The oh-so-scientific results found that the hottest men hail from Australia while the hottest ladies come from Brazil.

I give you the top ten sexiest dude nationalities, in order:

1. Australian
2. Italian
3. British
4. Scottish
5. Spanish
6. American
7. Irish
8. Brazilian
9. Canadian
10. Dutch

Here’s the list for women:

1. Brazilian
2. Russian
3. Colombian
4. British
5. Filipina
6. Spanish
7. Australian
8. Bulgarian
9. South African
10. Canadian

Now, set forth on those summer flings and weekend jaunts! And for some warm-weather spank bank inspiration, last year’s list offers up celebrity examples to pair with each nationality. Yes, please.

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