Rejected Tracks from Robin Thicke’s “Paula” Album

In case you haven’t noticed, Robin Thicke has no interest in being coy about his separation with Paula Patton after 10 years of marriage. His upcoming album “Paula” drops on July 1st with songs like “Get Her Back,” “Forever Love,” and “Too Little Too Late.” Just in case the tour (which we’re assuming is just Thicke pulling a Say Anything) doesn’t send a loud enough message to Ms. Patton, maybe these B-Sides will do the trick:

  1. “Yikes”
  2. “Didn’t Think You Would Mind ft. Miley Cyrus”
  3. “Really Really Sorry ft. Iggy Azalea”
  4. “Threw Out My Beetlejuice Pants 4 U”
  5. “Expensive Divorce”
  6. “His Publicist Said, Her Publicist Said”
  7. “But I’m A Great Dancer”
  8. “People Won’t Come Up to Us Singing ‘Blurred Lines’ for That Much Longer”
  9. “That Baby Bird Sound You Make in Bed”
  10. “Eating Alone Watching TV (So Fun)”
  11. “Only the Lonely (Roy Orbison Cover)”
  12. “Plain Old Begging”
  13. “Career Bump”
  14. “Still Hate Your Parents Though”

Leah Prinzivalli is a writer in Brooklyn. Follow her on Twitter!