Matt Lauer Asks General Motors’ Mary Barra If She Can Be Both CEO And A Good Mom

  • “Today Show” host Matt Lauer interviewed General Motors’ CEO Mary Barra this morning and asked about her leadership of a struggling company as a woman and the fact that she has three kids at home. Lauer may have meant to give Barra a platform to discuss the sexist assumptions behind his questions. (And to be clear, I don’t think asking a question about a sexist topic means the interview herself/himself is bigoted.) But the way Lauer questioned her was just awkward, seemingly defeating the purpose of raising these topics in the first place. Add me to the chorus of working women wondering: How often is a male CEO questioned about whether he can be a good father? [Think Progress]
  • This woman went on a date with a men’s rights activist (MRA) and shit got scary when she tried to leave. [xoJane]
  • Pro-democracy activist Salwa Bughaigis, who worked as a lawyer in Libya, was assassinated in her home on Wednesday night. Islamic extremists are presumed to be behind the murder.  [AP]
  • On the heels of Google releasing its diversity stats, Facebook has released data about the diversity of its employees. SURPRISE! It’s very male and white! [The Wrap]
  • Kim France, a former staff writer for Sassy and founding editor of Lucky, talks about feminist fashion writing and her blog Girls Of A Certain Age. [Bitch Magazine]

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