Young Author Cashes In On Her Book That Happens To Have The Same Name As A New Stephen King Novel

A Brooklyn-based author is having a pretty solid week, thanks to Stephen King. Yes, we’re talking about THE Stephen King. Emily Schultz published her debut novel, Joyland, eight years ago, but hasn’t seen much success from it until recently, when literary heavyweight King released a novel with the same name. Now, thanks to all of the nincompoops online who are accidentally purchasing her book instead of his, Schultz has been enjoying the fruits of Mr.King’s labor … and other peoples’ stupidity.

At first, Emily was annoyed that all of the idiots thirsty readers who accidentally bought her book were leaving unkind reviews of her novel on her Amazon reviews page, but she started caring a little bit less once her royalty checks started coming in, which she described as “for me, big.” Because Emily felt guilty about essentially cashing in on someone else’s book, she decided to start a blog documenting how she was spending all of her new money, and whether or not Stephen King would approve of her purchases. GENIUS, I tell you.

On “Spending The Stephen King Money,” Emily has already informed us that she’s done tons with her dough, including but not limited to purchasing new IKEA furniture, a haircut for Brian (I don’t know who he is, but he has lovely facial hair), the St. Vincent album, Stephen King’s version of Joyland and oh so much more. And the best part of her good fortune? Stephen King thought the whole thing was hilarious and bought HER version of Joyland for himself.

Best. Week. EVER.

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